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Mission Statement

We are a Swiss healthcare company that aims to provide our corporate clients with Gold Standard Services, Premium Quality Products, with Competitive Pricing.


The Problem and the Solution

The Problem

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact millions of people around the world, governments and corporates have been left with few options to obtain PPE products that are able to guarantee the safety of their citizens and employees.

The sheer scale of the problem has created a unprecedented demand for preventative medical goods and a correspondingly large number of supply side distortions : high prices, fraud, and delivery issues.


The Solution

With decades of experience as business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate managers in the medical supply field we are able to provide our clients with the reliability and quality assurance that is lacking in the current environment.

Our trusted relationships with manufacturers and distributors enables us to provide our clients with the preventative medical equipment they need while preserving our commitment of excellence.


KN95 Respirators
Surgical Masks
Medical Gowns
Civilian Masks

Product Specifications

  • BFE : Bacteria Filtration Efficiency. Efficiency at capturing bacteria (3.0 microns).

  • PFE : Particle Filtration Efficiency. Efficiency at capturing particles (0.1 microns).

  • 0.3 um : Most Penetrating Particle Size (MPPS). Particles of this size of the hardest to catch.
  • Certification

    Quality and Assurance

    The single most important concern our clients have is the recent rise in the number of fraudulent certificates.

    Demand for PPE has overwhelmed existing supply channels. As a result, many manufacturers are now ignoring relevant quality standards and circumventing critical product testing that ensure the safe use of these goods by those who need them most.

    Swiss S.P.C International was founded as a response to these new market realities. Our due diligence process aims to mitigate quality control risk by evaluating the quality of our goods in four main ways :

  • Quality : FDA or EU equivalent standards.
  • Conformity : Factory compliance.
  • Product Testing & Validation : from ISG, Intertek, or BSI.
  • Weekly in-house test reports.
  • Distribution


    Our Logistics & Distribution partners enable us to readily and reliably ship our goods from our manufacturers to our hub in Lausanne, Switzerland.

    They are then dispatched and distributed to clients internationally.

    De-risking the supply chain

    We keep a strategic stockpile of product available to further reduce the likelihood of bottlenecks and continue to provide PPE to clients that are particularly vulnerable.

    Strategic Partnerships in Logistics and Transportation

    Our Process

    Meet The Team

    Alain Schibl

    Founding Partner & CEO

    Gregory Schibl


    Filipe Pinhao

    Founding Partner

    Roy Ostrom III

    Managing Director Head of Sales in Americas

    Patrick Abbt

    Managing Director Head of Sales Switzerland, Germany & Austria

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    Swiss SPC international SA, Rue du college 26, 1815 Clarens, Switzerland.
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